Ten Ways to Score Free Food

Jeffrey Simmons
Published Jul 26, 2023

Everybody enjoys getting and eating food for free. You may also be short on cash or know someone else who has some problems with funds and doesn't have the money to afford a good meal. This doesn't mean that you can't eat, as there are quite a few ways to find free food when you are in need.

1.Look for Birthday Deals

Look at local restaurants to find out which ones offer food that you can get for free. They may provide free beverages, appetizers, and desserts on your birthday, as long as you provide proof. You may have to put in a bit of research to find the places that do offer free deals, but if it is your birthday, we bet you will find food that you won't be charged for.

2.Grow Your Own Food

Check out local seed swaps, gardening groups or agricultural fairs for free seeds. If they aren't free, you will often be able to get the seeds for pocket change. You can then grow your own delicious food in your yard for fresh produce and vegetables all summer and fall long.

3.Attend Various Events

Many events provide free food for attendees. Look around your town for job fairs, seminars, public gatherings, town meetings, and conferences that may provide appetizers and drinks for those who show up. You could even get a new job or meet new people!

4.Work at a Restaurant

Many restaurants and fast food places allow employs to eat for a heavily discounted price. Not only that, you may be allowed to eat any mistakes that you cannot sell to the customers. If the restaurant is in the process of changing their menu, they often bring their employees together to sample the new dishes.

5.Look for Eating Competitions

You may think this is a silly suggestion, but what better way to score free food AND go home completely full? Even if you don't have a chance of winning compared to your competitors you will still leave with a full and happy stomach.

6.Look for Store Openings

If you have a brand-new company opening up in your town, they may offer free food, gift cards and/or promotional items to those who show up. Get there early to get the best food and gifts! You can even connect with your local businessmen and women and find out the opportunities available in your area.

7.Fill Out Restaurant Surveys

Many restaurants, both dining and fast food, will offer you incentives to fill out the surveys they provide. Leave your feedback and experience of the place and you could score things like free appetizers, desserts or drinks. Look for a phone number or website on your receipt and take the few minutes necessary to fill it out. You may be able to fill multiple surveys out for many different places, scoring yourself even more free items!

8.Become a Mystery Shopper in Your Area

You've probably heard of mystery shoppers. These are real jobs that compensate you in cash and free food. Test out local restaurants and stores and get compensated after you have completed their form. You'll get a free meal out of it AND cash.

9.Look for Free Samples

Many supermarkets offer free samples to customers to get them to try new products. Even candy stores and kiosks in the mall that sell food offer free samples. Spend some time strolling through your supermarket or mall and you are bound to come across a few different samples that you may end up loving! You'll get free food and the company may gain a new customer.

10.Look for Restaurant Promotions

Sign up for emails from local restaurants. If they are having a promotion that involves free food, you will be the first to know and take advantage of it! Browse through different restaurant websites and choose ones that are near you to sign up with. You'll get coupons and notifications when they are trying to promote their place of business.

You may be looking to save money or just try something new. Whichever it is, make sure you follow these ten tips to find free food near you.

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